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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Back from my Hiatus

As some of you might know, I transferred schools this fall and now I'm located in the amazing DC city! Things have been crazy here - I've never known what fun college could be until I arrived. And now that I'm getting better at balancing the fun, the academic, and the rest, I promise to be back. No worries dear readers, I've been a good girl about taking pictures as well so I have lots to post. Unfortunately, there won't be any from my camera until after thanksgiving due to my forgetting to bring the USB hook-up to school. But hold tight, because I promise to tide you over in the mean time!

On my 21st birthday I spent a fashion crazy weekend in New York. Here are some of the wonderful little gems I picked up while I was there:

Blouses Galore!!!
The first one by Diane Von Furstenberg is by far my favorite purchase of the weekend. The silk, the peach, the poof - I feel so girly in it. Not to mention that it definitely reminds me of Christian Seriano circa Project Runway...

Juicy Couture Pin-Tucked Blouse - I was super surprised to find out that this fun blouse with puffy sleeves and a fantastic belt (that can be worn multiple ways) was Juicy. Thank you Bergdorf's!

This Joie Meredith Blouse was my first purchase in New York thanks to Bendel's. It looked awesome with my black faux leather leggings from american apparel, black patent booties from beverly johnson (picture follows below), leather jacket, and fangs for halloween :)
Every girl needs a LBD and I did not have one until this Theory Analba dress came along. Also from Bergdorf's, I feel literally like I'm my idol, Audrey Hepburn, when I wear it. All I do is add my pearls :)

Time for some shoes!
I needed new flats due to the crazy amount of walking that is required in DC! So these Alexandra Demi Wedges from Michael Kors are perfect. I cannot express to you how comfortable they are. Pictures to come with me wearing them :) --Oh, and I purchased them at Macy's.

While I couldn't find a picture of my Beverly Johnson black patent stiletto booties - the Jessica Simpson version will have to do. The BJ's are very similar yet they lack the platform and the strange detailing in the back, the lips dip down to the seem in the front with an added tongue, and the heels are a bit skinnier. I bought them at Saks on sale! They are my favorite shoe in my closet right now.

I'm not much for fun stilettos, so when I see ones I love I go crazy! These Nine West Jewellite Crocodile pumps are actually a lot prettier than the picture shows - there's a lot more depth and variety of purple that's difficult to tell. I love them. They look more like they're tie-dyed a purple pallette. They are super comfortable. And I can't tell you how many compliments I get on them when I wear them out!

ACCESSORIES! This was my favorite part :)
A gift from my siblings, this Tano bag is PERFECT to add to my collection - a collection I promise to share in the future. They bought it at Cusp and gave it to me when I arrived at our hotel. Thanks guys!!!
My mom also surprised me with a few new scarves to add to my collection. This one by Sir Alistair Rai is by far one of my favorites. It says peace (pictured above) one side, the other side says love.
And to go along with the peace theme - she also got me this one. It is vintage from Francis Heffernan in Chicago and quite possibly my most often go-to scarf right now.

And my favorite of all: a new Burberry Green Muffler scarf. Thanks Mom!!! Green is my favorite color. And the little pink stripe detailing makes the scarf super versatile. I love wearing my pink ballet top with it, skinny jeans, flats, and my trench.

HATS HATS HATS! At Bendel's my mom and I went a little hat crazy :). I have the pink one, but I do not like how the model is wearing it therefore I showed you the hat on its own above. I feel very parisian in the beret by Helene Berman.

Another gem from Helene Berman! I feel very Blair Waldorf in this and I wear it EVERYWHERE. My version is completely black.

Needless to say I splurged a little in New York. And it was completely worth it :)

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