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Saturday, November 15, 2008

I Dream of Dresses

Some fantastic dresses I'm craving compliments of ASOS.com:

TFNC Wool Embellished Tulip Folk - This little diddy screams comfort. The little detailing makes the dress ultra feminine. It would be a perfect day dress.

Rare Bandeau Mini Tulip Dress - Love the geometry! This LBD is no ordinary dress. It's simple and chic and perfect and I desperately want it.

Unique Boutique Gathered Tartan Party Dress - Talk about FUN. Great colors. Perfect poof. Awesome balance. In the words of Rachel Zoe: I die.

ASOS Luxe Sequin Halter Dress - Perfect for going out, this sequin halter dress is flirty and sexy without being provocative or gross. Now THIS is the dress I want to wear clubbing in Vegas over winter break.

ASOS Chiffon Corsage Babydoll Dress - Attention college girls with Semi-Formals! This dress is beautiful, easy, and pretty much sums up how you should feel and how your night should go when your date escorts you to that party. This is the perfect dress to be arm candy with - you're not looking slutty, yet you're not looking too sweet thanks to the length and bare arms, you're looking like the perfect date that can have a good time and your date can take home to mom. Facebook de-tagging not necessary in this dress. Bring on the snaps!

Jones & Jones Peplum Dress with Black Lace Bodice - I'm not gonna lie, I'm having a bit of a bout of lace obsession. And this dress totally satisfies it. I love that it's long sleeve. I love the pencil skirt under the flirty mini. I love the sophistication. I love the lace, obvi. I just simple love it.

Firetrap Metallic Yarn Cowl Roll Neck Dress - I want to wear this dress. Right now. I can't even describe how obsessed I am with those details. The ribbing? The collar? The 1/2 length buttoned sleeves? The pleats? Heaven! Deliver me this dress and I'll be your slave.

Unique Boutique Rose Print Embellished Shoulder Dress - I would feel like a goddess in this dress. I could comment on color, the flattering style, the silk, but I won't. Oh wait, I just did.

That is all. Happy Monday!

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