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Sunday, June 28, 2009

More Men's Fashion Week: Dior Homme

No surprise here.  Dior Homme follows many of the trends we've been seeing this Spring Fashion Week in Milan.

Sloppy tousled look and cropped pants.  Looks like Robert Pattinson has more influence than we think.
Leather dog tags?  Or just the best eye candy on the runway...

My favorite takeaway: don't be afraid to mix brown and black.  It was a theme last year for Fall 2010 for women and it looks like it has now trickled down to the men as well.  Who says brown and black shouldn't be friends?  That's a stinky stale tradition.  This new one smells like freesia - take a whiff.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Legend: Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson isn't just a music artist, he's an icon...

Pleather tuxedo with cropped pants, red bow tie, and white spats.

Jackets, my god, those jackets.  Balmain can't hold a candle.

Mr. Jackson, thank you for creating some of my fondest childhood memories.  The moonwalk, the glove, and your music will live on in infamy.  May you rest in peace.

(Photos courtesy of Rolling Stone, Qtrax, and MSN)

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Men's Spring RTW 2010 - Giorgio Armani

Hello boys!  It's day 3 of my Men's RTW Spring 2010 fashion week posts.  Is it me or do they just keep getting scrummier? 

Let's start with the stripes and the denim.  Both are huge for Spring 2010, but the concept just isn't sitting right with me.  I feel like we're going backwards in fashion.  Maybe it's because fashion is cyclical or maybe it's because denim is cheap in light of the recession, but to me denim will always be what you wear to lounge around in and paint the walls.  Somehow a denim suit or a blazer paired with jeans screams anything but high class to me.  

But the spats.  Those I can handle.  The spats and the pin stripe suits in earth tones and geometric patterned shirts?  Delish.  That's the kind of classic chic I was expecting from you, Armani.

And note to Armani - don't get me wrong, the women are beautiful.  Too beautiful.  They totally stole the limelight away from the men.  Are you insecure about your menswear designs so you felt you had to provide the public a taste of what's to come with the women?  Or did you honestly think the women would enhance the runway?  Because in my eyes they only overshadowed.  Bad move.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Currently Channeling

My LBD could use an improvement.  And I'm currently obsessing over graphite heels.  So I've designed a new little outfit to drool over...

1. Pelle Moda Jaron Platform Sandals in Graphite
2. Catherine Malandrino Leaf Embroidered Dress
3. Giles & Brother Tiny Pyramid Stud Earrings 

I really shouldn't have to tell you why this outfit is so fabulous.  I mean, Catherine Malandrino speaks for herself.  Just look at the intricate details on the bodice.  And the heels are different enough to draw attention but they're also simple enough to not take away from beauty of the dress.  Same idea goes for the earrings as well - I kept it in the geometric family.  It's pretty much safe to say that I dream of owning this dress.  It's so lusch, who wouldn't?

Men's RTW 2010 - Bottega Veneta

Bottega takes the whole "just rolled out of bed look" to the next level.

Slouchy, partly tucked shirts, haphazard scarves, and elastic ankle-length pants decorated the Men's RTW 2010 Bottega Veneta Runway.  Oh, and manbags.  Cannot forget the luscious signature leather weave that Bottega's known for.  Cannot forget the manbags.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Men's RTW Spring 2010 - Ferragamo

Hold on to your knickers.  It's time to feature the men.  *sighhh

I'm such a sucker for spats.  And now, I can add orange to my list of favorite colors on men.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Blog of the Week: Style Rookie

There is only one word to describe this week's feature blogger: impressive.  Tavi of "Style Rookie" is a little tike but I dare you to challenge her in a match of fashion knowledge.  She not only knows the difference between Rodarte and Cynthia Steffe, she lives and breathes it.  This is one tiny fashion powerhouse.  Constantly pushing the bar, Tavi has been known to attach a wire basket to her hip and call it art.  And while some of her antics may appear like she's overdoing it now, just wait a year or two and I'm sure we'll begin to see a refined style that is both overwhelming and awe-inspiring and of course, classically chic.  The future of fashion, I'll declare it now, is Tavi.  

Monday, June 8, 2009

Currently Channeling...

1: Kate Spade 'mariachi rickrack' bracelet

2: Eva Franco Dress

3: Charles David 'Women's Twirl Platform'

Friday, June 5, 2009

Spotlight Artist of the Week: Jean-Pierre Braganza

With my internship beginning this week, I'm currently channeling Jean-Pierre Braganza's summer collection.  He meticulously combines structure and flow in a perfect balance to create endless masterpieces.  His thoughts on the collection?  "I'm repeatedly drawn to gothic, heavy and extreme imagery, but always with an undercurrent of romanticism."   **sigh....


Thursday, June 4, 2009

Summer Craving

I can't get over ruffles.  And now that it's summer, I just want to wear flirty ruffles all day long.  Thanks to FeelYourHeart on Etsy.com, I can do just that.  Isn't her black chiffon dress just gorgeous and classically chic?  This is how you rock a summer dress looking less like a desperate housewife and more like Audrey Hepburn.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Fashion Icon - Karl Lagerfeld

Arrogant and iconic as ever, Karl Lagerfeld showcased a fashion show in Moscow for the first time.  Women's Wear Daily interviewed him about the event, quoting him about his first visit...or lack there of:  "Moscow is a city I knew quite well without coming here because I'm an informed person - there are so many books, novels, photos, that in a way I know it... I have a feeling I know exactly what is in every museum."  My thoughts?  *Sigh...If only we all were as cultured as Lagerfeld.  (Can you read the sarcasm?).  But look at this photograph of him.  You've gotta hand it to him, the man is more iconic than Andy Warhol.  

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog Favorite Of The Week: Le Blog de Betty

Lately I've been a bit dragged by current fashions - acid wash jeans? Please, that's hardly what I would call couture.  And as much as I covet my subscription to Women's Wear Daily, it just hasn't held that jaw-dropping spark of excitement in recent weeks.  Instead, I find myself obsessively checking fellow blogging sites - and I now pledge document them weekly.

Today's fabulous find?  Le Blog de Betty.  The photo above is her in a Top Shop military jacket and I simply gawk at her effortless fashion sense - pairing that with camel flat knee high boots is simply ingenius.  Most attempts at wearing that jacket today would resort to pairing the cherry red with a chunky black heel hoping to make the red the main focus and forcing a downward (slimming) triangle shape.  But the added foot color just makes the jacket stand out that much more and it brings a subtle consistency - a put together look, so to speak - that makes the jacket look simply special, iconic, chic...rather than loud and in-your-face.  The jacket, in effect, draws the right kind of attention.  And all this talk about one outfit Betty chose to wear.  Can you imagine the words I can form on all of her incredible concoctions?!  As far as I know, Betty is one lucky French girl with an awesome sense of style and broad collection of clothing that I simply covet.  Check out her site - you won't be sorry.