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Thursday, June 5, 2008

This Week's Spotlight Artist: Yves Saint Laurent

In his honor, this week shall be dedicated to the most progressive yet classically driven fashion genius: Yves Saint Laurent.

Some of his major accomplishments:
1. Saved Dior in 1957
2. Le Smoking Suit in 1966
3. Rive Gauche also in 1966
4. Black Models in 1970
5. First designer to be recognized by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1983

Some of my favorite designs:


The Tuxedo

In his final year as a designer, YSL still never failed to deliver a beautiful line

Rive Gauche...

...seriously, where would we be without it?
I mean honestly! Women have to have SOMETHING chic to wear in the bathroom ;)

And look what's back in style again - none other than safari (see a previous post of mine, uh huh uh huh). All gratitude toward Monsieur Laurent
And my favorite of all! I dream of this dress. When I graduate and get to attend fashion school, a spin-off of this look will be my first garment.

I want to be her. And it's the clothes that make it that way.
There are no words.

Thank you, Yves Saint Laurent. Your work has gone down in history and generations to come will now be able to enjoy your creative genius. We are forever grateful.

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