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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Blog Favorite Of The Week: Le Blog de Betty

Lately I've been a bit dragged by current fashions - acid wash jeans? Please, that's hardly what I would call couture.  And as much as I covet my subscription to Women's Wear Daily, it just hasn't held that jaw-dropping spark of excitement in recent weeks.  Instead, I find myself obsessively checking fellow blogging sites - and I now pledge document them weekly.

Today's fabulous find?  Le Blog de Betty.  The photo above is her in a Top Shop military jacket and I simply gawk at her effortless fashion sense - pairing that with camel flat knee high boots is simply ingenius.  Most attempts at wearing that jacket today would resort to pairing the cherry red with a chunky black heel hoping to make the red the main focus and forcing a downward (slimming) triangle shape.  But the added foot color just makes the jacket stand out that much more and it brings a subtle consistency - a put together look, so to speak - that makes the jacket look simply special, iconic, chic...rather than loud and in-your-face.  The jacket, in effect, draws the right kind of attention.  And all this talk about one outfit Betty chose to wear.  Can you imagine the words I can form on all of her incredible concoctions?!  As far as I know, Betty is one lucky French girl with an awesome sense of style and broad collection of clothing that I simply covet.  Check out her site - you won't be sorry.

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