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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Pre-Fall! Yes, It's that time already :)

I'm dying! Soo excited am I for Fall already!! Some of the greatest looks to follow are mostly shades of blues and greens with some apple reds (yay red!), le smoking style suiting, 70's style daily wear, and roaring 20's style drop waist dresses. Geeet excited! (I know I am).

Alberta Ferretti:

Looove the little fur caplet.

What a great texture!

Pretty draping *sighh

Alexander Wang:

Far more popular with the kids - this collection is completely anti glamour. It's definitely catchy...

Armani Collezioni:

Now thanks to Armani - start looking out for adorable little flowers and brooches for fall! Chanel has shown this little detailing in their collection also (getting its very own post tomorrow) right next to the collar and I personally am a BIG fan of it. Also shown? CHORDS! Break them out of your 90's holdings...they're back!!


...To be continued :)

And look forward to tomorrow: Chanel Pre-Fall by Lagerfeld. Mhmmmmm

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