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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Men's Spring RTW 2010 - Giorgio Armani

Hello boys!  It's day 3 of my Men's RTW Spring 2010 fashion week posts.  Is it me or do they just keep getting scrummier? 

Let's start with the stripes and the denim.  Both are huge for Spring 2010, but the concept just isn't sitting right with me.  I feel like we're going backwards in fashion.  Maybe it's because fashion is cyclical or maybe it's because denim is cheap in light of the recession, but to me denim will always be what you wear to lounge around in and paint the walls.  Somehow a denim suit or a blazer paired with jeans screams anything but high class to me.  

But the spats.  Those I can handle.  The spats and the pin stripe suits in earth tones and geometric patterned shirts?  Delish.  That's the kind of classic chic I was expecting from you, Armani.

And note to Armani - don't get me wrong, the women are beautiful.  Too beautiful.  They totally stole the limelight away from the men.  Are you insecure about your menswear designs so you felt you had to provide the public a taste of what's to come with the women?  Or did you honestly think the women would enhance the runway?  Because in my eyes they only overshadowed.  Bad move.

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