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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Welcome to "Tres Chic En Vie"!

First of all, thank you for visiting my new site!

Secondly, a little background about myself: I'm an undergraduate college student at an ivy league institution with a secret obsession on all things haute couture.

Thirdly, I obsess over fashion, but what's the direction of this blog? This blog has gone through many drafts as I have developed and refined my passions for fashion mostly in the privacy of my online journal. Through the comments of my friends on various "posts," I have created my direction from wishlists stemming from Urban Outfitters and Shopbop.com to the classic designers of New York Fashion Week and beyond. Ultimately, I hope to illustrate the glamour, wonder, and reality of fashion.

So without further or do, I would love to present my first Spotlight Designer - and who better to do this on than non-other than the master himself, Alexander McQueen? Inspired by a trip to India, McQueen developed a storyline for his collection that begins in nature where a young girl within a tree breaks free and becomes a princess. The transformation is visually breath-taking. Behold:

In the darkness of the 600-year-old tree:

Beginning to break free from the darkness:

Becoming a Princess:

Being Royalty (notice the deeply rich and bold primary colors):

The Queen has arrived:

Thank you to Style.com for the photos

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