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Friday, March 21, 2008

Trends for Fall '08

I've compiled a hodgepodge of trends from this year's fall runway trends. The photos are compliments of style.com and feel free to delve in deeper to the designers who often come from "off the beaten path" so to speak.

A gorgeous feminine trench like this one from Aquascutum makes a bold statement. Choose one with a beautiful pattern and a classic silhouette or go the opposite with a tight-fitting trench, lots of attachments, and a steel gray wool (for those brave enough to never wear sweaters in fall and have perfect bodies). Just don't do both.

Texturize your wardrobe for fall! This gorgeous dress from Aquascutum really demands presence. And don't forget about the shoes... if you're going to go black and white for fabric make sure you choose shoes wisely - like these combination black and white ones for the sophisticated and classic at heart or go for bold colors - just be careful not to take away from the beautiful textures of your clothing.

Armand Basi also delivers on the mixing of textures - but what I really love about this photo is how he works such bold beautiful colors effortlessly into the outfit without taking away from the beauty of sweater and skirt. *Also to note: leather quarter gloves scrunched (as seen in countless runways) in canary yellow.

ORANGE ORANGE ORANGE is all anyway keeps commenting on for fall, like this leather baby-doll from Armand Basi. Caucasians be ware! Orange does not mix with complexions of the orange hue (stop the fake tanning NOW) and pale people will look evermore milky-white. If you rock the milky white look, go for it - or ship yourself off to Cabo San Lucas for a natural bronze in order to wear orange. You have been warned.

Also on everyone's list for fall: the one shoulder dress. I would also like to heed warning with this trend. Busty girls (like myself) will always have trouble pulling off this trend because it puts all of the weight on one should and there is inevitable boob-spillage on the other side without proper support. Therefore, I recommend this look from Balmain. It's beautiful and symmetrical instead of the typical lopsided effect and will literally look great on every body type.

Test the waters of combining brown and black (blasphemous, I know). This is no joke. Just sneak a peek at Doo.Ri's collection for fall. And there are those quarter leather gloves again...

One of my most favorite trends for fall is PLAID!!! Not in the farmer coming off of the cornfields sort of way, more in the catholic school girl fashion. But be careful not to get yourself caught in looking like a catholic school girl. Instead, opt for plaid as a statement in your wardrobe and go for chic and edgy lines (rather than the typical pleated skirt) like this high-waisted look from DSquared^2. Other options include the tote and shoes. I'm personally looking for a tote to go with my wardrobe for fall; it will really be a bold accessory for my semi-boring work clothes.

Last but certainly not least, my absolute favorite trend for fall: the long scarf, tucked beneath a belt, over a short jacket. The trend first caught my eye on the young lady in gray by the wonderful Sartorialist. And then I saw it on the runway by Duro Olowu and I literally fell deeper in love with the style. I need to go buy myself some fabulous belts to rock this look pronto because I already know which jacket I'm going to pair with which scarf - so excited!

Looking at all of these trends make me yearn for the autumn months, especially after mother nature cruelly ripped it from my hands this year's past (I live in St. Louis for the school year, and St. Louis only knows hot and cold and nothing in between).

In conclusion, here's your shopping list for fall:
*Quarter, leather, scrunched gloves
*Chic, feminine trench in bold prints and classic lines or tight-fitting long trench with bells and whistles in classic colors
*Orange, with caution
*One-shoulder dress, with caution
*Mixing black and brown (if you dare)
*... And plaid accents

Happy Fall Shopping!

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