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Saturday, March 29, 2008

Safari: What to Wear This Summer and Not Regret It Next Summer

Khaki is back with a vengeance. Here are the guilt-free ways to capitalize on the safari trend without feeling like everything you buy will just go out of season next summer.

#1 Rule for Potential Fads: Accessorize!

Bangles and bracelets are a great way to twist an outfit into a safari theme without breaking your budget. The bracelet by Accessories & Beyond for $264 is perfect for this season, and because it's gold and leather - it's not only trendy but unique and can therefore be worn for years to come. And one can never go wrong with a bangle by Kenneth Jay Lane. He is the ultimate designer in modern jewelry - just be careful, I don't see anyone wearing his strawberry necklaces anymore. If you decide to buy into his seasonal accessories, make sure you pick something chic and classic so that it can be wearable in the future - or be smart about spending your money and opt for this wood bangle for only $40.

Rule #2: A girl can never have enough bags.

Bags are timeless. Case in point - that bottom bag is Henry Beguelin circa 2006 the "Eldorado L" in ebony crocodile. And it's mine :). So I guess I'm all set for my safari bag. For those of you without a khaki bag in your stronghold, above are some other options. Pictured are Ginette Etc. the canvas tote for $280 and the Gustto patent bag for $950. I highly suggest a bag as the easiest way to show off for the safari trend and truly make it last - though it may seem like now it breaks the bank, you'll thank yourself in 20 years and you still have a gorgeous bag (now deemed vintage) that is as good as new and just as classically beautiful.

Rule #3: When in doubt, go for a pair of shoes- you can trust that your size will never change.

Nude shoes have been around for winter - it's time to add some sandals to your summer collection. When it comes to shoes, I always prefer simplicity. Girls with orange spray-tan skin beware, these shoes will make your feet and legs look even more orange. Pictured above are a Kalliste sandal for $375 and a Pour La Victoire for $226. And while nude shoes might go out of style after summer (something tells me they will...), you could definitely get away with throwing them to the back of your closet and waiting a few years for the trend to return. Because not only is fashion predictably cyclical, but your shoe size doesn't change - that's the beauty of emphasizing accessories as representatives of trends.

Rule #5: A Classic Trench is REQUIRED of ANY Basic Wardrobe - So Invest!

Pick your color and pick your silhouette because trenches have always been in style and that will NEVER change. Don't be afraid to spend on this one ladies, because you will most definitely get your money's worth in wear out of this light jacket. Gryphon has come out with an entire line of trenches, three of them pictured above, the dress jacket ($875), belted lab coat ($515), and army brat ($560). For trendier flair, try the Moschino Cheap and Chic short sleeve trench $1,585. My favorite detail is the collar - it looks adorable popped.

Rule #6: When Accessories Fail - Spend Wisely on Clothing with Classic Lines, Patterns, and Colors
This tunic by Milly for $268 is absolutely gorgeous. The silk detailing will never get old or tacky and neither will the mini bell sleeves. My only concern is the length (it's really short!) so after this season, heed caution in pairing it with jeans/leggings/nothing in the future.

I promise my updates will become much more frequent after this weekend. I'm just swamped with school work/applications/CPC duties. Look forward to the next designer of the week ***shhh it's a secret!

Happy Safari Shopping :)

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